Malware Protection – Is Malware Protection Really That Important?

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Malware Protection – Is Malware Protection Really That Important?

I am a computer technician and I am surprised that so few individuals use malware security to prevent their computer systems from becoming damaged. I’ve done enough computer technician work I can say I have seen almost everything, but yet the amount of malware I must remove from computers is remarkable. If you don’t understand what malware is and why it’s bad, then I shall explain that in another paragraph, but in case you’ve suffered from malware than that I am certain that you will agree it is a real issue.

Malware is bad software that behaves like a virus. It frequently gets into your system when you navigate to a nefarious website and then installs itself. The most common one I have had to eliminate lately will take over your browser (either Internet Explorer or Firefox) and reroute your searches and homepage to something else completely. Imagine how much fun it would be to start up your browser and not really have the ability to use it correctly.

On the majority of these systems, I was not able to remove the offending malware and needed to rebuild the operating system from scratch. Malware is definitely on the upswing, as evidenced by the number of infected systems I’ve encountered lately. You will need to take the proper actions to protect yourself. Be sure that you are running at least some kind of malware protection. If you are not using some form of protection you run a significant risk of getting your computer hi-jacked. Please use malware security so you don’t need to be paid a visit by a computer repair technician!

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