GRL2020 Mission

GRL2020 champions the creation of a Global Knowledge Infrastructure that opens up knowledge to research communities worldwide and society at large by responding to the new and specific needs of eResearch and eScience. This global infrastructure will advance beyond the current state of the art by creating an environment that provides any type of relevant information resource, such as publications and datasets, with the research community defining how the material is used. The global knowledge infrastructure of the future will be a more powerful and flexible ecosystem capable of interoperability and collaboration across boundaries and disciplines underpinned by a commitment towards trusted, long-term services and open access, enabling the deployment of content resources and technical services in multiple ways.

The creation of a knowledge infrastructure of the future requires considerable technological and organisational effort and will mean significantly rethinking the role and processes currently performed by research libraries, particularly in terms of stewardship of digital data. GRL2020 brings together researchers and stakeholders from diverse domains and countries to deliberate how the challenges ahead can best be addressed. Particular emphasis is placed on both the technical and non-technical hurdles that need addressing as instrumental in defining the steps to advance towards such an infrastructure.