Global Research Library 2020

 "Creating a Research Library that preserves the past, present and curates the future"

The changing landscape of research, discovery and libraries is bound up with a shift towards increasingly multi-institutional and cross-sector approaches, which in turn brings new opportunities and roadblocks for further development of a global research library. A select group of experts have spearheaded efforts to develop GRL2020 - a vision a for a global research library that is open,interoperable and that fosters collaborationon research challenges.

 Members of the GRL2020 community at GRL2020 Asia 

GRL2020 is a vibrant community that is focusing on top-level challenges facing the global research library of the futurewith the ultimate goal of creating a knowledge infrastructure that most effectively serves the needs and leverages the competences of domain specialists, librarians and computer scientists. While the challenges are manifold, GRL2020 is a unique opportunity  to harness the expertisethat exists on a global level, to define an agendathat prioritisesthe challenges ahead, to champion the importance of skills development and education, and to enlarge the communitythrough a Call for Action.



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